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Cara Membuat Dan Memoles Batu Akik

Cara Membuat Dan Memoles Batu Akik

pada kesempatan ini saya akan share tentang cara membuat dan memoles batu akik sampai mengkilap, bila agan bingung tentang bagai mana cara membuat batu akik yang mengkilap disini ada caranya dengan format video di youtube :) untuk caranya silahkan di lihat gan


Healthy Food : Sambal Recipes Apples Malang

Typical Indonesian people is not complete if it is not accompanied by the sauce. No wonder in Indonesia there is a wide variety of delicious spicy sauce appetizing. Have an apple Malang at home? Take advantage of Malang apple sauce just be sweet-sour-spicy following.


2 large red chilies
apples Malang small size
5 pieces of cayenne pepper
½ teaspoon salt
Sugar to taste
paste to taste

How To Make:

Wash peppers and apples until they are clean.
Shaved or rough chopped apples Malang
Grind paste, chili and salt until smooth.
Add sugar to taste
Add shavings / chopped apples, and until well blended
Malang apple sauce prepared served with fried fish and vegetables friends.